Thursday, July 7, 2011

Widi Vierra

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Widi Viera is one of the band Vierra personnel whose only girl, the other guy.

Biography Widi Soediro Nichlany | Widi Vierra Band Profile | Biography Widi Vierra:

* Full Name: Widi Soediro Nichlany
* Cool Name: Widi Vierra
* Band: Band Vierra
* Place of Birth: Jakarta
* Date of Birth: May 8, 1990
* Height: 172 cm
* Weight: 48 kg
* School: SMA Bakti Mulya 400 Jakarta
* Favourite Singer: Demi Lovato

Video Vierra

Vierra is the first song sung in public is the time the mini concert, entitled "Birth of Vierra" which aims to introduce the band in public Vierra. Vierra Band 4 first appeared on the floor of the building B on Campus University of Pelita Harapan (UPH), Tangerang. The idea of ​​the band Vierra appearance in public was dimandori by Kevin Aprilio college with my friends.

It was brought Vierra band performed five songs from their debut album of material to be released under the umbrella MUSICA STUDIO'S.

Vierra Band songs:

English-language song, The song "NO!" So the song opening concert of successful Vierra make the audience enthusiasm. Successively later song Listen, this sense of song, song Stars, 'n closed with song Perih. The songs here are going to be the contents of Vierra's debut album, My First Love Album.

Listen song is song creation Kevin Aprilio. The song was inspired by a former girlfriend he had not dared to tell the truth to say love him. Taste this song is also the most mellow song that inspired the songs sountrack Disney and works Yovie Widianto. Stars song begins with a short poem about a girl on the star of hope. Perih songs are more dark colors than other songs. The song was carried so sore the first single Vierra.


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